What’s Included in Beaches Turks and Caicos’ Open Bar

Don Julio on the rocks is always great, but it tastes even better when you’re staring at Grace Bay.

Don Julio on the rocks is always great, but it tastes even better when you’re staring at Grace Bay.

Alcohol is included at Beaches all-inclusive resort in Turks and Caicos. It's a true open bar without any "gotchas." This includes premium spirits like Don Julio tequila and Johnnie Walker Black Label scotch. There is no tipping anywhere on the resort and the bartenders advertise this policy by wearing pins that say "No Tips, Please." Here are some of the beers, wines and spirits that you'll find at Beaches' bars and restaurants (or stocked in your room).

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Remember, the key to enjoying any open bar is moderation and hydration. Drinking a glass of water between every alcoholic drink is especially important in the hot tropical sun. Seriously, stay hydrated.


There are five beers available at most bars and restaurants on the resort. (Cricketer's Pub in the Italian Village also has darker beers like Guinness and Newcastle available.)

Here are the easy-to-find beers:

  • Turk's Head

  • Turk's Head Light

  • Stella Artois

  • Red Stripe

  • Miller Lite

We mostly stick to Turk's Head Light. It's a local beer made by the only brewery in Turks and Caicos and its nuttier and more flavorful than American lagers. For those who prefer a light and refreshing beer, Red Stripe is a good choice.


Robert Mondavi makes six varietals of wine for Sandals (the parent company of Beaches). There are three reds and three whites. A champagne-style sparkling wine from France is also available. All of these wines are good and we think four out of seven are excellent. These offerings are far superior to what you might find at comparably-priced resorts (like the modest wine selection at Dreams.)

Sparkling Wine

  • Jean Dorsene Brut, NV - 11% ABV - This is a dry and refreshing blanc de blancs (a white sparkling wine made from only white grapes). This bottle costs around $36 in restaurants and $12 in liquor stores. It's fun to sip on straight, in a mimosa or with a meal. Excellent.

White Wines

  • Robert Mondavi Twin Oaks Pinot Grigio - 12% ABV - We enjoyed this crisp and light-bodied pinot grigio on many pool days. It's a great wine for warm weather and it pairs well with seafood dishes. Excellent.

  • Robert Mondavi Twin Oaks Sauvignon Blanc - 12% ABV - This wine is less flavorful and more watery than the lush sauvignon blancs that come from Marlborough, New Zealand. It's still a good wine that’s refreshing on hot days, but it is easily overpowered by food.

  • Robert Mondavi Twin Oaks Chardonnay - 12% ABV - This chardonnay falls somewhere between the pinot grigio and sauvignon blanc. It's not buttery or creamy like some oaked chardonnays. Interestingly, we found that this wine paired with some meat dishes even better than the red wines that are available.

Red Wines

  • Robert Mondavi Twin Oaks Merlot - 13% ABV - This full-bodied peppery red wine is everything that a merlot should be. It pairs exceptionally well with spicy dishes (like jerked meats) and even pairs well with most seafood. Excellent.

  • Robert Mondavi Twin Oaks Shiraz - 13% ABV - This shiraz is like a medium-bodied version of the excellent Twin Oaks merlot. It's also peppery and pairs well with most dishes, including seafood. Excellent.

  • Robert Mondavi Twin Oaks Cabernet Sauvignon - 13% ABV - We had this cabernet with steak, but it was a weak wine that was overpowered by the beef. The merlot is a richer, more flavorful wine, so we stuck to that for most meals. This cabernet isn't bad, but it was our least favorite of all seven wines.


The resort’s fancier restaurants like Sky, Sopadillas and Le Petit Chateau have wine lists with name-brand wines available for purchase. These wines are quite expensive, and in our opinion, quite unnecessary because so many of the included wines are excellent.