Beaches Resort Villages: French vs. Caribbean vs. Italian vs. Key West

Our family’s first stay at Beaches resort in Turks & Caicos was in the colorful French Village.

Our family’s first stay at Beaches resort in Turks & Caicos was in the colorful French Village.

Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort Villages & Spa is advertised as "five resorts in one" because it has themed villages. (We consider the “Seaside Village” to be part of the Caribbean Village.)

Regardless of which village you stay in, you have full access to the entire resort. Our family likes the laid-back Key West Village, but we'd be happy to stay in any of the villages. Here is a quick overview of each one (click on the name of any village to see pros and cons):

Best Budget Options: French and Caribbean Villages

The French Village and the Caribbean Village are the least expensive options on the resort (still, they aren't cheap). The French Village has more privacy and is closer to the waterpark. The Caribbean Village has more things to do and is closer to the beach. Both villages have large pools and each village has at least one truly excellent restaurant.

Best for Large Families: Italian, French and Key West Villages

Each of these villages have jumbo-sized suites that can accommodate 10-14 people. The Key West Village may be best for families with teenagers because the largest suites have four bedrooms.

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Best for Beach Access: Caribbean, Italian and Key West Villages

The Caribbean, Italian and Key West villages are built in a row along Grace Bay Beach. (The French Village is recessed and further away from the beach.) Our family likes the Key West beach area because it has the fewest people. The strip of beach in front of the Italian Village is the most crowded part.

Best for Waterpark Access: French Village

Beaches' waterpark is technically in the French Village, even though it sits in between the French, Italian and Caribbean villages. To get to the waterpark from the Italian or Caribbean villages, you'll have to cross a street. That's not the case in the French Village, though. The waterpark is accessible via a sidewalk that runs along the entire village.

Best for Pool Access: French Village, Italian Village

The two biggest pools on the resort are in the French Village and the Italian Village. The French Pool is good for swimming and light play. The Italian Pool is good for mingling and water activities. Both pools are excellent choices for kids, but active kids will probably like the Italian Pool better.

Best Dining Options: Caribbean Village

Every village has at least one excellent restaurant, but the Caribbean Village has the best mix of buffets, carry-out and seated dining options. Sopadillas, the adults-only restaurant, arguably serves the best food on the resort.

Best for Privacy: Key West Village

The Key West Village has the least foot traffic of any village at Beaches. There is no big pool in this village to draw a crowd and all three of the restaurants are on the oceanfront away from the lodging areas. The beachfront luxury rooms are located at the tip of the resort, far away from any crowds.

Best Views: Italian Village

The Italian Village has the best views of the ocean. Many of the rooms are located in tall, beachfront towers that look down on Grace Bay. Rooms on higher floors will generally have better views.