Beaches Turks and Caicos French Village Review

Beaches’ French Village is simple, yet tasteful. The mellow colors give it a serene vibe.

Beaches’ French Village is simple, yet tasteful. The mellow colors give it a serene vibe.

The French Village at Beaches Turks and Caicos resort is built in a simple, countryside style and its adorned with colorful gardens. This village was devastated by Hurricane Irma in Sept. 2017, but it was rebuilt exactly as it was. We were shocked when we saw photos of the storm damage because you'd never know it happened by looking at the village now.

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  • Less expensive than other villages

  • The pool is great for kids and adults

  • Lots of space to sunbathe or relax

  • Easy waterpark access

  • Relatively quiet during the day

  • Excellent (swim-up) pool bar with lots of seating

  • Relatively private rooms

  • Lots of dining and snack options


  • Furthest village from the beach

  • Noisy in the evening because of stage shows

  • More insects because of wooded areas

  • Some rooms may be older or outdated

  • Balconettes aren't true balconies (just decorative)


The rooms in the French Village are one of the best deals at Beaches Turks and Caicos; it's where we stayed the first time our family visited the resort. Check out our full review of the rooms at Beaches.


The French Village Pool is big enough for families to stake out a semi-private spot.

The French Village Pool is big enough for families to stake out a semi-private spot.

The French Village Pool is big and rectangular and it has a kiddie pool along the side. It has a pavilion on the far end where you can get a bird's eye view of the entire French village. There is a swim-up "Riviera" bar on the opposite side and a heated whirlpool beneath the pavilion. Cabanas and lounge chairs run along the side of the pool and there are plenty of them. 

The French pool is one of the best pools at Beaches TCI resort. It’s great for early-morning swimming, mingling with a drink in the afternoon, or just floating around lazily whenever.


Beaches Turks and Caicos resort has a 45,000 square foot waterpark nestled in its center. The waterpark is technically part of the French Village, but it's sort of detached. We had more fun on the slides than we expected to (and there is almost never a line!).

Daytime Vibe

The French Village is the second-most relaxing village during the day (the Key West Village is the most laid back). The pool is the main attraction. Lots of people mingle in the water or sunbathe along the pool deck. The waterpark is beside the French Village, but the noise from the park doesn't carry over to the pool area.

Evening Vibe

There are shows almost every night at the main entertainment stage in Beaches’ French Village.

There are shows almost every night at the main entertainment stage in Beaches’ French Village.

Just like the Caribbean Village, the French Village is lively at night. The main entertainment stage is on the far end of the village and it draws a crowd of spectators and al fresco diners. This is the place to bump into people that you met during the day. Kids can find their day camp friends here.


Most entertainment in the French Village takes place in the pool, in the waterpark or on the main entertainment stage. There are daily fitness camps held on the stage including Zumba, a pilates-like ab workout and a bootcamp. The lawn on the French Village has a croquet set and there are supposedly soccer games on Friday afternoons (but we've never seen anyone play). The main tennis courts are beside the French Village, though strangely, they are considered part of the Caribbean Village. The Red Lane Spa and Fitness Center are also located in the French Village.

Check out a bigger list of things to do at Beaches TCI resort here.


The French pool has a large swim-up bar with lots of stools in the pool. (You can also order drinks from the patio area outside the pool.) Drink service is usually fast and the bar has premium spirits like Don Julio tequila. This is one of our favorite bars on the resort. 

Le Bar de Musique is connected to the French restaurant Le Petit Chateau. This is where to go for a drink if you find yourself watching a show on the main entertainment stage. That said, Le Bar de Musique feels more buttoned-up (and less fun) than other parts of the resort.

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There are six restaurants in the French Village and two food trucks. For all the details including hours and dress codes, check out our Beaches TCI restaurant reviews. Here is a quick overview of what's available:

  • Soy Sushi Bar (Seated Dining) - A Japanese-style sushi bar. Open for dinner hours only. Indoor seating with a bar and outdoor lounge area.

  • Mr. Mac (Seated Dining or Carryout) - A food truck serving varieties of macaroni and cheese. Open during waterpark hours. Outdoor seating only.

  • Le Petit Chateau (Fine Seated Dining, Young Adults and Older) -  One of the finest restaurants on the resort. Evening wear required. Open for dinner hours only. Indoor and outdoor seating.

  • Kimonos Oriental Cuisine (Group Table Dining) - A hibachi-style restaurant like Benihana. Reservation required. Open for dinner hours only. Indoor communal seating.

  • Bobby Dee's (Seated Dining or Carryout) - A 1950s-style diner serving fast food favorites. Open all day and night except for breakfast hours. Indoor and (limited) outdoor seating.

  • Giuseppe's Italian Restaurant (Buffet-Style and Seated Dining) - A mish-mash of American and Italian dishes. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Indoor and outdoor seating.

  • Curls 'n Swirls (Carryout) - A food truck serving shakes and frozen yogurt. Open during waterpark hours.

  • Cafe de Paris (Seated Dining) - A French-style patisserie and coffee bar. Open from early morning until late dinner. Indoor and outdoor seating.

Insider Tips and Hidden Gems

  • The coffee and espresso drinks prepared at Cafe de Paris are the best on the resort. The cafe serves ham and cheese croissants buffet-style in the afternoon: They are awesome (like, ruin-your-appetite-for-lunch awesome).

  • The Curls 'n Swurls food truck in the waterpark serves the best ice cream (technically, it's frozen yogurt) at Beaches TCI.

  • The French Village is the furthest from the beach, so you might see insects around, especially after it rains. Tell children to leave the ants alone because they bite. Don't worry, the ants won't bother you if you don't bother them.

  • Don't be alarmed if you spot a chicken roaming around. A few chickens wander the resort and they mostly keep to the French Village.

  • Ask for a cotton candy at Bobby Dee's. They have a machine, but it's rarely used.