The Beer, Wine and Alcohol Included at Dreams Punta Cana Resort

The bar in Dreams Punta Cana’s Preferred Club Lounge has fine spirits and European aperitifs.

The bar in Dreams Punta Cana’s Preferred Club Lounge has fine spirits and European aperitifs.

Alcohol is included at Dreams all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana and almost every bar on the resort has high-quality liquor like Brugal Extra Viejo rum and Johnnie Walker Black Label scotch. 

Guests who stay in a "preferred" room have access to the best bar on the resort, located in the Preferred Club Lounge. This air-conditioned bar stocks special bottles like Brugal Leyenda rum and Patron tequila. But, even here there are disappointments.

Dreams Punta Cana doesn't have a large selection of beer and wine (the open bar at Beaches Turks and Caicos is more robust). On the plus side, Dreams has a huge menu of mixed-and frozen-drinks and we enjoyed many of them. Here is a summary of what is available.


Presidente is available in the bottle or on tap. We liked the draft beer better, but the taps pour slowly (it's like waiting for a pint of Guinness).


The majority of the wine on the resort is not included. These premium bottles are available at prices that you'd typically find in an overpriced restaurant. We stuck to the three included house wines, all of which come from Spain. These wines were decent (we figure they'd cost $7-9 per bottle at a U.S. liquor store).

  • Sparkling - A typical cava, similar to a dry prosecco.

  • White - A light, crisp wine, similar to Vinho Verde.

  • Red - A cabernet sauvignon that tastes like a homemade wine. It pairs well with many foods (including seafood, surprisingly).


There a good spirits throughout the resort, but there is also "speed rack" booze in unmarked bottles (this is especially true for sweet liquors). Many of the spirits fall into the $12-18 per bottle category, e.g. Vat 69 scotch, Jose Cuervo Gold tequila and Bacardi rum.

Mixed Drinks

Frozen drinks and Tiki cocktails is where Dreams Punta Cana really shines. The daily schedule of events features a "Drink of the Day, " e.g. Coco Loco, Wild Orchid, Rum Runner, Singapore "Slim," Love & Passion, and Mai Tai. The bartenders seem to have encyclopedic knowledge of tropical drinks.


Preferred rooms are stocked with two bottles of Presidente beer and a 375ml bottle of Brugal rum. There are also mixers like Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite.