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A few years ago…

We had the idea to visit Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas. It sounded like a great escape from the daily stress of work and school. But, as we started looking into travel arrangements, we discovered how complicated vacation seemed to be. Meal plans. Making restaurant reservations months in advance. That’s work!

Then, we decided to make our lives easier and go to an all-inclusive resort. Alas, not all resorts are the same. Some require tipping; others don’t. Some have restrictions or also require restaurant reservations. Why is vacation so complicated!

Finally, we discovered Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort and had an awesome time! We visited the resort three-years in a row and recommend it to our friends. The first review on this website summarized everything that we love (or dislike) about Beaches.

Most recently, we visited Dreams Punta Cana, an all-inclusive family resort in the Dominican Republic.

Our family lives in New York City and aside from travel, food and drink, we love writing and photography (which made it a fun idea to start a travel blog!). Thanks for reading!

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